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Raw Vegan Carrot Cake 


「生機純素甘荀蛋糕」純手工製作,全有機天然,不含化學加工成份。我們特別用上有機生果仁 (經浸泡催芽及41度風乾,以喚醒生命力酵素)、椰棗、甘荀、有機冷壓椰子油、天然低升糖指數椰子花蜜等有機材料,充滿著愛去製造窩心蛋糕!蛋糕並沒有麵粉、牛油、白糖、雞蛋及烘培,並不含任何添加劑和凝固劑。



Greenswoods Raw Vegan Cakes are homemade. 

All the ingredients are organic, natural & chemical free.

We use high quality of nuts (sprouted & 41c dehydrated for maintain the enzyme and nutrition), dates, carrot, coconut powder, conconut sugar etc. The cakes are made by us with tons of LOVE. 


The cakes are gluten free, egg free, dairy free, chemical free, white sugar free and No bake.





【蛋糕尺寸  |  Size】

4吋  |  4 inch:HK $398

6吋 |  6 inch:HK $788

8吋  |  8 inch :HK $988


** 提供蛋糕相片以供參考  |  Photos are just for reference.

** 因手工製作,必須於一星期前落訂  |  Please place the order 7 days in advance.



【查詢及訂購  |  Enquiry & Order】
電話  |  Tel:3428-2416

(熱線時間:每天中午12時至晚上8時  |  Hotline Hour: Daily 12pm to 8pm)

菲菲甘荀蛋糕 FEI’S Carrot Cake (6inch)

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